Body Contouring with FDA cleared technology.

The Accent XL. This device provides volumetric thermotherapy that affects the fat cells, as well as the collagen that is in the surrounding tissues. It helps reduce localized fat and provides skin tightening at the same time, so the area treated becomes smaller, smoother and tighter.

To achieve the best possible results for your body shaping, we also provide different localized injection plans to help you melt the fat and move it out of the problem areas. We use advanced formulas of mesotherapy and lipodissolve, as well as the newest bio-mesotherapy and bio-lipodissolve treatments. Our mesotherapy and lipodissolve formulas are combinations, of different natural products, like the popular phospatidyl choline with deoxicholic acid and medications that provide the most effective results with less pain and side effects.

Our biomesotherapy and bio-lipodissolve involve small injections of biological medicine in the problem areas that provide the same results as the traditional methods, but without the pain and side effects. The mechanism of action is different; they provide bio-stimulation and drainage of the area and the results can be dramatic.