Start Laser Hair Removal Treatments Now and Be Pool-Ready by Summer

Winter is the time for hunkering down and hibernating. Unfortunately, the unwanted hair that grows all over your body never takes a vacation. But if you ignore the stubble for too long, and your summer-time hair care routine could turn into a nightmare. 

That’s why Dr. Emmanouil Karampahtsis, at Lipogenex Anti-Aging Center recommends you start dealing with your hairy problem now with laser hair removal

Understanding your hair

Unwanted body hair is one of the most frustrating cosmetic problems. You’re covered from head to toe with approximately 5 million hair follicles, and only some of those produce hair that enhances your overall aesthetic. 

The rest, like the hairs on your legs, underarms, and bikini zone, are simply cosmetic headaches.

But to fully understand how we help you get rid of your unwanted hair, you first need to understand how your hair grows. 

Your hair grows in three stages: anagen, catagen, and telogen. 

In the anagen phase, your hair forms in the follicle below the skin and eventually pushes itself out as it grows longer. Your hair grows around one centimeter every 28 days. 

Your hair stops growing during the catagen phase. How quickly your hair gets to this stage varies on what type of hair it is. For example, the hair on your legs stops growing long before the hair on top of your head does. 

Finally, your hair reaches the telogen stage and remains there for about 100 days. Here, it is fully formed and completely at rest. 

Understanding this cycle is key when it comes to eliminating unwanted body hair. 

Traditional hair removal methods like waxing and shaving temporarily remove or cut hair short when the hair is already in the later stages of development. These methods also result in irritation and embarrassing bumps

To really get rid of your unwanted hair, you need to completely disrupt the growth cycle, and only laser hair removal can do that. 

The science behind laser hair removal

Laser hair removal uses the power of light-energy to interrupt your hair’s natural growth cycle. The light energy is absorbed by the hair follicles until destroyed and no longer able to create or grow new hair. 

Your hair never reaches full maturity or fails to grow completely, leaving you with smooth, pool-ready skin. 

What’s best is that laser hair removal can go anywhere on your body including your underarms, hands, feet, face, ears, areola, neck, and tummy. You can even get rid of hair on larger areas like your legs, arms, chest, and back. 

What to expect from laser hair removal

Not only is laser hair removal the most effective way to get rid of your unwanted hair, but it’s also noninvasive and virtually painless. 

You’ll likely feel a mild pinch or gradual warming sensation, but with our new technology that includes contact cooling and the SHR in-motion technology, your treatment is completely comfortable. 

You don’t have to worry about a long recovery or unsightly side effects either. Laser hair removal typically only causes mild redness. These side effects are expected and usually subside quickly, meaning you can get back to your normal routine right away. 

The best, most permanent results appear after you’ve had around 5-8 treatments. That’s why we strongly encourage that you start laser hair removal now. 

If you’re looking to get yourself summer-ready in the off-season, call our Scottsdale, Arizona office at 480-664-2288, or schedule an appointment online today.

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