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Winter Skin Care

Many people mistakenly think that the most drying time of the year for those living in the desert is summer. As a matter of fact, winter is the most drying season when it comes to skin care. As temperatures drop so does the moisture in our skin. Choosing the right skin care to keep that moisture and natural glow without clogging pores can be tricky but is an important part of winter skin care.The first step is to always make sure you are applying those moisturizing products on exfoliated and damp skin. This allows your products to penetrate and not just sit on top and feel heavy. What do I mean by exfoliate and damp skin?

  • Exfoliation should be done by natural and not-so-harsh products. For example, enzymes that come from pineapple or papaya and mild-foaming cleansers. Stay away from harsh scrubs and a lot of chemicals that you can’t pronounce. Don’t over exfoliate – do this 2-3 times a week.
  • After washing your face, splashing it with water, and gently patting it with a towel; your skin will still feel a little damp. However, a great way to make sure your skin is ready to absorb all products that you apply you can spritz it with a toner. Toner should not be full of alcohol or chemicals because that will just cause your skin to become more dry. Osmosis carries an amazing pH balanced toner water called “CLEAR” that allows your skin to drink up all the product and absorb in for the maximum benefit.
Choose products with “good oils.” Some examples of good oils are:
  • Avocado oil
  • Primrose oil
  • Grape Seed oil
  • Almond oil
  • Argan oil
All of these oils are also good for your hair and skin on your entire body!
Lastly, a few key factors that many don’t think about when it comes to our skin are hot showers, diet, and exercise. As tempting as a steamy, hot shower may be when its cold outside; the hot temperature will only strip your skin of the “good oils” and more moisture.
Drinking a lot of water and eating fruits and vegetables, and getting frequent exercise will also keep your skin balanced and glowing. Fruits and veggies will be your key source to a lot of your vitamins and antioxidants.
Don’t forget your SPF!! Even when its cold and cloudy. A natural SPF is very important for skin protection.
If you want to ensure that you’re skin is getting the best care possible all year round, you may want to consider using a skilled aesthetician. Aesthetic services can include facials, dermafillers, chemical peels or other services. A trained skin care professonal will be able to look at your skin and suggest services to get and keep your skin as healthy as possible.
Dr. Karampahtsis

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