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Anti-aging medicine is a new medical specialty founded on the following principle: The deterioration of the mind and body that typically accompanies the aging process is both preventable and reversible. The primary objective of anti-aging practitioners is to delay physiological aging and increase the healthspan by preventing and reversing age-related disease.

Age-related disease is caused by multiple factors, such as poor dietary habits, lack of exercise, toxic environmental exposures and pollutants, increasing the incidence of DNA errors and hormonal decline. Age-related disease manifests itself as the following: Skin Aging, Obesity, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Cerebral Vascular Disease, Autoimmune Disease, and Cancer.

Lipogenex Anti-Aging Center is using the latest technology, advanced laboratory testing, Naturopathic principles, and well studied protocols and methods, to correct the majority of imbalances in the body that lead to premature aging; Our ultimate goal is to bring your body back into a healthier state, making you look and feel great.

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