Lymphatic Drainage Therapy


The lymphatic system is a very important system in the human body that is forgotten by most physicians in every medical field. It is part of the circulatory system, comprised of a network of lymphatic vessels that transport a clear fluid from the tissues toward the heart.

This clear fluid is called the lymph. The lymph contains lymphocytes and white blood cells but also caries waste products and debris of cells as well as bacteria, viruses and byproducts of cellular metabolism.

The lymph flows only in one direction, upward toward the neck and unlike the cardiovascular system the lymphatic system does not have a “pump” such as the heart to help circulate the lymph.

The lymph eventually drains into the subclavian veins located on either sides on the neck, and enters the venous blood. There are two drainage areas that bring the lymph into the blood circulation.

The right drainage area drains the lymph from the right arm and chest/breast and the left drainage area drains the lymph of all other areas of the body including both legs, abdomen, left chest/breast area and left arm.

What is Lymph Drainage Therapy?

Lymph Drainage therapy refers to the “manual” therapy performed by a lymphologist, a certified technician, that can help the lymphatic system drain the lymph (fluid) more effectively into the blood circulation. It is a gentle technique that involves light pressure and the use of a device called the lymph star pro. The lymphatic drainage therapy can aid a “sluggish” lymphatic system to move thickened lymph and also reduce lymphatic “blockage” through the lymphatic capillaries.

Lymph Drainage Therapy may help with:

  • Unexplained edema (swelling) of the legs and ankles or other areas
  • Reduce the swelling post surgery (plastic surgery or other)
  • Reduce lymph-edema of the arms after breast cancer surgery and removal of lymph nodes
  • Aid in the detoxification of the cells and tissues by speeding up the circulation of the lymph
  • Help with chronic or acute inflammations
  • Causing deep relaxation that helps activate the parasympathetic nervous system and enhance the immune system
  • May help people with fibromyalgia symptoms
  • Can be part of a Detox protocol to help move toxins from the tissues for faster elimination

At Lipogenex our patients have reported relief of different symptoms after lymph drainage therapy. Some report greater levels of energy after a series of sessions. Other people experience mild Detox effects at their first two sessions, such as a different smell in their urine, short lived flue like symptoms (lasted 2-3 hours), short lived fatigue (lasted 4-6 hours). Some patients report better sleep after the treatment and reduction of the appearance of cellulite in their outer thighs.

Our certified lymphologists use the Lymph Star Pro device and gentle manual pressure to perform the lymphatic drainage therapy. A treatment session lasts an hour and it is very relaxing. It is performed on a massage table and many patients fall asleep during the treatment. Dr Karampahtsis also combines this therapy with different herbs and homeopathic medications that help circulate the lymph in the body. Plenty of water is recommended to help “flush out” any toxins and rest is also recommended if the patient is experiencing any fatigue after the treatment. A diet comprised of organic vegetables as well as vegetable juices during the lymph drainage therapy is recommended.

Call us today with your questions about lymph drainage therapy or to book a free consultation or book your first treatment. A thermography scan also performed in our facility, may also assist in evaluating if more attention needs to be paid into circulating and draining your lymph. Please call us at : 480-664-2288.

Disclaimer: This information is provided for educational purposes only and it is based on different research studies published as of today. None of the statements presented here have been evaluated by the FDA. If you experience any lymphatic associated disease or symptoms, consult your healthcare practitioner for proper diagnosis of your condition. Dr Karampahtsis might be able to diagnose your condition or refer you to an appropriate specialist prior to receiving lymphatic drainage therapy. The information presented in this website does not constitute treatment or diagnosis, and does not replace proper medical diagnosis and treatment of any disease.

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