Nitrogen Plasma-Restoring your Skin's Natural Architecture

This is made possible by a skincare treatment using the fourth state of matter called plasma. When Nitrogen gas undergoes a process using ultra high frequency waves, it turns into plasma, giving birth to Nitrogen Plasma Skincare Treatment. 


What Is Nitrogen Plasma Treatment?

Nitrogen Plasma Treatment is a unique approach to restoring your skin’s natural architecture. It provides exceptional results in comparison to ablative technologies. Unlike laser beams that require a specific color target, nitrogen plasma works independently. While the concentrated energy beam works its magic on the skin, the underlying tissues are heated, and the skin laxity is reduced. This process rejuvenates your skin by reducing lines and wrinkles, sun spots, and helps you returns back your natural glow.


Benefits of Nitrogen Plasma Treatment

Nitrogen Plasma is a relatively new yet increasingly famous approach to skin nourishment and resurfacing. Your skin loses its elasticity and appeal when collagens stops reproducing. This exceptional medical treatment heats up the dermis without burning the top layer of the skin (the epidermis), removes dead collagens and allows new collagen ones to be produced. Here are other numerous benefits of Nitrogen Plasma Treatment that help your skin recover its lost youthfulness.

1. No Open Wounds
In Nitrogen Plasma Treatment, a controlled and concentrated ray of plasma is introduced on specific areas of the skin. No burning wounds are created. Most people are worried about experiencing a burning sensation caused by the heated plasma touching their skin. The procedure is almost painless. The candidate feels slight sensations of warmth while the plasma works its magic by transferring its heat to the skin tissue. Upon receiving appropriate Nitrogen Plasma Treatment, dead tissue gradually is removed, leaving room for new ones to form.

2. Improves many signs of aging
Nitrogen Plasma helps reduce superficial and deep wrinkles, reduces sunspots and
discoloration, treats acne scars, and helps reduce skin pore size. Around the eyes, the Nitrogen Plasma helps minimize the crow’s feet lines, tightens the upper lids, and rejuvenates the skin of the lower eye lids. Production of new collagen fibers continues for over 12 months and reduction of skin laxity continues for months after the treatment.

3. Treats the Entire Skin
Many skin resurfacing treatments only treat small parts of the skin and usually not around the eyes. This usually produces uneven results that do not look very appealing. With the use of controlled Nitrogen Plasma pulses, heats up the tissues under the skin (dermis) stimulating new fibroblasts to produce new collagen. The entire skin tightens through heat without a burn on the surface. This leaves an impact on the skin’s entire surface, producing spectacular results.

4. Eyelids Treatment
Saggy eyes are a sign of sleepless nights and aging. If your eyelids are naturally shaped this way, or if skin laxity has made them look like that, you do not have to live with them anymore. Nitrogen plasma treatment is great at working on the eyelid, thanks to its controlled temperature. The temperature is reduced to appropriate levels while working on the eyelids to tighten and rejuvenate the skin around the eyes. Close to 22% improvement of tightening of the upper eyelid has been observed after a single treatment.

5. Lasts Longer Than You Expect
While other skin care treatments have a short life span, Nitrogen Plasma Treatment is many times a one-time treatment for lots of skin problems. The special plasma beam improves elasticity and stimulates the production of collagen by stimulating the fibroblasts in the dermis. When new collagen is produced, the results continue to improve up to a year after treatment and last longer than other treatments a year post-treatment. In most cases the results last for years, and their skins has improved its appearance even more as the time goes by.

What to Expect

The treatment is amazingly comfortable. Most people report that they feel nothing but some hot air that contacts the skin. A numbing cream is applied on the skin for about 20-30 minutes prior to the treatment. The nitrogen plasma beam is adjusted according to your skin type and skin problems. The treatment usually takes between 15-30 minutes. You can resume your daily activities immediately. You might look slightly pink for an hour after the treatment.


What is the downtime and after care?

There is literally no downtime after this procedure. Depending on your skin problems and your skin type and depending on the level of plasma that you are treated with, you might experience a mild peeling in 3-4 days, or you might not. It is recommended to use a good quality moisturizer to hydrate and moisturize the skin and sun block. We strongly recommend avoiding sun exposure for 2-3 weeks to protect the new skin and to minimize any hyperpigmentation.

Ending Note

Most skin-based treatments do not have an effect at the cellular level. However, nitrogen plasma goes deep into the roots of the skin molecule and refreshes the surface. This degree of repair is possible thanks to nitrogen molecules, which are small enough to penetrate dead cells and remove them from the skin. Once unwanted dead cells are cleaned,skin surface becomes vibrant, and its youthfulness is restored. Studies have shown that neocollagenesis (the production of new collagen) and improvement of skin quality continues for over a year after the treatment.

Dr. Karampahtsis
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