Semaglutide Weight Loss Reviews

Semaglutide drug is designed for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, though it has become rapidly famous as a weight loss treatment. This drug is commonly well-known with brand names like Wegovy and Olympic. These are useful for reducing obesity, weight loss, and blood glucose; they slow the sugar cravings through the stomach and decrease sugar cravings. Usually, consequences in weight reduction. 

There are so many variants of semaglutide, but only the Drug Administration and Food approved to lose weight. Semaglutide is a top-rated meditation for weight loss. In research of 2000 obese adults contrasted people using semaglutide medication with exercise and diet programs with candidates who meet similar lifestyle changes without having semaglutide drugs. 

After 68 weeks, almost half of the candidates using this drug lost 15% of body weight, plus closely a third lost 20%. People who incorporated lifestyle changes lost around 2.4% of their lost weight. Additional research has shown the same consequences. However, they have revealed that people tend to recover from weight loss when they finish taking semaglutide. 

In this review, you’ll learn about semaglutide medication, its pros and cons, how it is effective, and many other things. Just dig in and learn more about semaglutide. 

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Overview of Semaglutide

Semaglutide is a weight loss drug and glucagon-like peptide-1 GLP receptor agonist that works by acting on the function of GLP-1, so after having a meal, the hormone is released in the intestine. 

It trips insulin development, therefore decreasing blood sugar levels, and attaches to some parts of the brain to reduce appetite and increase the feelings of satiety. Different types of semaglutide are FDA-approved to treat diabetes of type-2 and treat obesity (in confluence with exercise). 

Medication of Semaglutide

This drug is the same active ingredient as brand-name drugs like Wegovy, Rybelusus, and Wegovy, a board-certified endocrinologist. A specialized doctor of hormones and weight management in Houston, Texas, says that there are not any cheaper versions of medicine available at present. 

  • Ozempic: Adults with type-2 diabetes can take this authorized medication to lower their blood sugar levels, and they feel ill. In those who suffer from a heart attack & diabetes, this is approved to lower the risk factor for serious cardiac issues, including mortality, heart attack, and stroke. A dose of 0.25 mg to 2 mg is administered every seven days.  

  • Rybesus: When a person has type-2 diabetes, this FDA-approved medicine is also used to lower blood sugar levels. The dose for this is usually between 2 and 14 milligrams.  

  • Wegovy: The FDA-approved medication Wegovy is used to treat obese kids and adults older than 12 who also have weight-related medical conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. It can be taken once a week, with dosages between 0.25 and 2.4 mg.  

Is Semaglutide Good for Weight Loss? 

A useful drug for losing weight is semaglutide. People with a body mass index of 30 and higher saw an average weight reduction of around 14.9% after 68 weeks while taking semaglutide once a week with a 2.4 mg injection. 

The research led to the approval of the FDA in June 2021- once-weekly in injectable form under the brand name of Wegovy(for weight maintenance in people with obesity and overweight who have at one weight-related situation). 

Many individuals in the community are interested in learning whether semaglutide helps candidates without diabetes lose weight. So, the response is that, for candidates who do not have diabetes, it is safe and effective.  

Who Qualifies As An Ideal Candidate for Semaglutide?

Someone with a medical history of type 2 diabetes and a mass body index who can easily take a weekly injection is a good candidate for semaglutide. Similarly, a perfect person for Rybelsus also has a medical history of type 2 diabetes and BMI. 

You should feel easy to take Wegovy comfortably weekly with self-injection and also have a BMI of 30 or at least 27 with one weight weight-related health contrast such as hypertension or high cholesterol. 

Semaglutide Drawbacks

Common drawbacks of semaglutide include:

  • Abdominal pain

  • Constipation

  • Diarrhea

  • Headaches

  • Slight nausea or mild nausea

  • Vomiting

To handle side effects better, try these tips: start with a low dose and increase it slowly, drink plenty of water, and take other meds to manage symptoms if necessary.

Serious bad effects can happen, too:

  • Changes in vision

  • Gallbladder problems

  • Low blood sugar

  • Kidney problems or kidney failure

  • Pancreatitis 

  • Serious allergic reactions

If you’re taking semaglutide and have any of these symptoms, talk to your doctor right away or get help from a hospital:

  • Continuous pain in the upper left or middle of your belly that moves to your back, with or without throwing up.

  • Less pee or swelling in legs, ankles, or feet.

  • Vision changes.

  • Itching, rash, face, swollen eyes, mouth, throat, or tongue, and trouble in breathing and swallowing.

  • Feeling dizzy or passing out.

  • Fast heartbeat.

  • Pain in the upper belly, fever, yellowish skin, or pale stools.

Possible Risks of Semaglutide 

Semaglutide should not be used by women who are expecting or nursing mothers. It should also not be taken by anybody with a family history of MTC (medullary thyroid cancer). Additionally, there may be a history of Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia (MEN 2), which is an uncommon endocrine disorder if the thyroid cancer is of a rare form. If you have a bad history of alcohol intake or pancreatitis, speak with your healthcare physician. 

Your doctor may need to change the dosage of semaglutide you start on or increase it if you take it in addition to other drugs to regulate your sugar level in order to avoid low blood sugar, which may be dangerous. Moreover, the FDA has authorized semaglutide for ongoing weight control in combination with other medications used to treat obesity. 

With FDA approval, type 2 diabetes & high blood pressure are serious situations that are directly concerned with obesity, which requires restart care. Therefore, if someone is thinking about using this medication for treating obesity, then it is critical to realize that this is deliberate for long-term utilization; you can feel comfortable while taking this on a regular basis for a long duration.  

Should You Consider Semaglutide As A Weight Loss Aid?

So, the FDA suggests Wegovy for weight loss only if you are eligible for the criteria with the following strategies:

  • Possess a minimum BMI of around 30 kg/m2.

  • Possess conditions connected to weight gain, including Type 2 diabetes, elevated cholesterol, and hypertension; additionally, have a BMI of a minimum of 27 kg/m2. 

Stay away from Semaglutide if you have these kind of problems: 

  • Bad history background of hepatitis 

  • Bad history background of Medullary Thyroid Cancer

  • Bad history background of liver disease

  • Bad history background of type 2 (MEN2)

The initial thing that you may do if you think about taking semaglutide for weight loss is to consult with your specialist or healthcare provider. Your healthcare provider recommended a perfect therapy strategy according to your disease since they are familiar with the family and personal medical history background. 

Talk with your doctor about appropriate (and safe) combinations of diabetic medications if you currently take another drug and have diabetes. 

Which Medication Should You Choose: Rybelsus, Ozempic and Wegovy?

The medication choice is dependent on the variety of factors with type 2 diabetes. There are some companies that help you choose the right medication for your weight-loss journey. Here are the top 3 brand-name medications that you can choose after your consultant prescribes them. 

  • Rybelsus

This medication can be taken in oral form. It increases the production of insulin when the production of glucagon decreases. It also slows down the process of food, which helps to feel fuller for a long duration after taking food. 

It is more effective to take the prescription when you wake up with an empty stomach, and you do not have any kind of medication because of this drug. 

To cover up for getting begun on therapy, a healthcare provider recommended a dose of 3mg of this drug. The pharmacist recommended reducing the dosage to around 7 mg a day after a month. It’s all up to your doctor’s recommendation to enhance the dosage to 14 mg; it is required while they check the blood sugar level. 

The core benefit of this medicine is the oral version; if you are not ready to take an injection, then it is the right option for you. 

  • Ozempic

This drug is in an injectable form that is used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. The drug is used to decrease the blood sugar level in the body and reduce the risk factor of cardiovascular issues & stroke. This version was approved before the Rybelusu. You will see the best result only if you combine Ozempic with lifestyle changes, with eating healthy diet and exercise. 

People can inject this drug into the abdomen area, thigh or back side of the arm, but it might be injected just under the skin. You cannot use this in muscles directly. You will get the best results only if you take this in injectable form into the fatty tissue under the skin area. A deeper injection means that the body will absorb the drug quickly, and the impact will not stay as long as they are thought to. 

One of the important things about this drug, apart from Rybeluss, is that it is a non-insulin drug. Moreover, taking this drug in injectable form means an individual does not need to remember to take medications on a regular basis; they can plan activities and travel across the injections. In addition, they may also inject a missed dosage of this drug within five days if needed. 

However, this drug does not suit everyone. For example, such candidates do not want to inject drugs or can struggle to offer themselves injections if they have needle fear. This medication is right for those who have an elevated risk of heart disease. It’s ideal for those with heart or kidney failure. 

The dosage of this drug starts from 0.25 mg every week. After a four-week compilation, your healthcare provider may increase the dosage to 0.5 mg weekly for the rest of the four weeks. If your consultant is not satisfied with the results, then they may gradually boost the dose to 1 mg with the passage of time. They suggested using this medication once a week on the same day. But you do not take Ozempic with food. 

Clinical studies show their efficacy, with the candidates experiencing weight loss when met with lifestyle changes. Necessarily, those who used semaglutide medication lost 15% of weight with positive experience as compared to the placebo group, which was only 2.4% effective. Thus, there are drawbacks and considerations, including potential interaction with other drugs and abdominal discomfort. In spite of these disadvantages, semaglutide provides hope for candidates struggling with weight loss, while others have less effectiveness. 

It comes with some disadvantages. Some individuals have experienced abdominal pain, slight nausea, dizziness, fatigue, low blood sugar, headache, diarrhea, mild nausea, abdominal distention, and constipation. Gas & heartburn are common disadvantages. In rare cases, people experience serious drawbacks, like diabetic retinopathy, gallbladder issues, pancreatitis, and kidney injury. 

Someone who takes this drug must know that this may interact with some other medications, with those taken to treat type 2 diabetes. Meanwhile, if they take this in oral form to decrease the blood clots, then an interaction can develop. This drug may be utilized with insulin, though your physician can need to change the dose just to be safe. 

  • Wegovy

In 2021, the FDA approved this medication for use in treating weight loss issues. However, Ozempic and Wegovy are quite similar; apart from that, Wegovy is approved to aid obesity, and Ozempic is specially used to treat type 2 diabetes. So, Wegovy works better while candidates pair treatment with exercise and eating a healthy diet. To treat weight loss, a consultant recommended this drug at a higher dose in contrast to semaglutide. For example, aid can be started from 0.25mg to 2.4mg. 

However, as with prescribed Ozempic, the consultant will begin with a small dosage of medication and then increase it to an up level. Wegovy, Ozempic injections may be administered only once a week into the thigh, abdomen, or upper arm. These body areas usually gain enough fat to allow for the injections easily, and the drug lasts longer. The best thing is if you administer this drug on the same day every week and anytime in a day. People can take this drug with or without food. 

The ideal individual for medication will have a BMI categorized as obese and overweight. So you can also have weight-related health problems, including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol in the body. They can be on a low-calorie food plan strategy. 

The drawbacks of medication are the same as in Ozempic. If you are still perplexed about the risks of these drugs, then you can consult your physician before taking them. Wegovy may interact with some other medications as well; that is why you must talk with your consultant about other medications, vitamins, and supplements you take. 

How Quickly Can Semaglutide Help with Weight Loss?

If a person is overweight, Ozempic has a lot of value since it helps you in weight loss in an important manner. Yes, you heard that right! Many people who use this medication believe that it is super helpful when it comes to losing weight quickly and efficiently without much effort. Amazing, isn’t it?

In fact, in a clinical trial, over 2000 obese candidates without diabetes were randomly given a 2.4mg dosage of this drug as a drug named placebo every week for approx 68 weeks, continuously slinging with the lifestyle changes, proper healthy diet, and exercise.

Consequently, the semaglutide groups dropped 15% in weight loss with a positive experience, whereas the placebo group had only 2.4%. So, it is proven that semaglutide is more effective and supportive, plus a good medication for a passionate person who wants to lose weight but hasn’t been capable of searching for a choice for eliminating calories.


Semaglutide is developed to aid type 2 diabetes patients and weight loss treatment. The brand’s names are top-ranked, like Ozempic, Wegovy and Ryblusus. All these are effective in reducing obesity and weight loss and become game changers for you.

As with this drug, doctors and healthcare providers are important in identifying suitability and reducing risk factors in the body. In a nutshell, semaglutide is a valuable choice in the fight against obesity, offering prominent results for those seeking weight management solutions. 

Zero side effects are not quite possible because every action has some reaction, so in some cases, semaglutide works very well, but in other cases, it may impact your body parts. 

Hope this article helps you with basic information on Semaglutide weight loss reviews! 

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