Specialized Lab Testing

Lipogenex will help you optimize your health and to identify the core of your health issues using specialized lab testing.

According to your health challenges or goals different testing might provide different insights. Dr. Karampahtsis utilizes both basic blood work tests performed by the common lab facilities that are contracted by most health insurance providers, as well as specialty labs for advanced testing. Some of the Specialty labs mentioned on this page might also be reimbursed by your health insurance carrier depending on your plan and benefits.


ALCAT test (blood test) is a food sensitivity test that is performed world wide. It is the most sophisticated test to identify food intolerances and sensitivities. ALCAT provides different food panels anywhere from 50 food items to 200 food items. Also environmental pollutants, molds, pharmacoactive agents, colorings and food preservatives, as well as vegetarian panels are available.

This test might provide insight and has helped many patients with the following conditions or symptoms: allergies, migraine headaches, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), ADD, ADHD, acne, dermatitis, (eczema, psoriasis), chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, abnormal weight gain and more.


Heavy metals testing (urine or hair), is performed by Doctor’s Data labs. Heavy Metal toxicity such as Mercury, Arsenic, Lead to mention a few, can be the underlining reason for several health conditions. Conditions that have been improved after testing and removal of heavy metals are: autoimmune disease (sarcoidosis, Sjogrens, Alopecia areata, Hascimoto thyroiditis, Rheumatoid arthritis), hypertension, mental and cognitive issues, irritability, immune suppression, headaches and many more.

FIA (Functional Intracellular Analysis)

FIA test (blood test) is performed by Spectra Cell Laboratories using their patented technology. This test will measure intracellular levels of different antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It provides nutritional assessment for everyone who wants to know if they absorb their vitamins, but especially people with clinical conditions such as arthritis, cancer, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular risk, diabetes, various immunological disorders, metabolic disorders and micronutrient deficiencies. Overwhelming scientific evidence confirms that vitamin deficiencies are associated with disease processes and the overall condition of one’s health. Vitamin, mineral and antioxidant deficiencies have been shown to suppress immune function and contribute to chronic degenerative processes.

LPP (Lipoprotein Particle Profile)

LPP test (blood test) is performed by Spectra Cell Laboratories. It is an essential test for everyone that is concerned about their cardiovascular health. For those with family history of cardiovascular disease or personal history of elevated cholesterol, this test shines light into true assessment of their cardiovascular risk. Measuring Cholesterol alone does not provide the complete picture and can be misleading. Up to 50 percent of those who have suffered heart attacks had “normal” cholesterol numbers. In this profile the density and number of lipoprotein particles are measured. Several other markers of cardiovascular assessment are also included in this test. LPP is considered one of the most comprehensive profiles available for cardiovascular assessment.

Saliva Hormone Testing

ASI (adrenal stress index) is a test to assess adrenal bio-rhythm and adrenal function. The human adrenal gland does not secrete its steroid hormones at a constant level throughout the day. The hormones are released in a cycle with the highest value in the morning and the lowest at night. This 24-hour cycle is called the circadian rhythm. An abnormal adrenal rhythm can influence many functions of the body, some of which are: Energy production, Muscle & Joint function, Bone health, Immune health, Sleep quality, Skin regeneration, Thyroid function.

Four saliva samples are used in the ASI for the following ten tests:

  • 4 samples of Cortisol – Helps evaluate stress response
  • 2 samples of Insulin – Helps investigate blood sugar control
  • DHEA – Helps determine stress adaptation
  • Secretory IgA – Helps evaluate toll on immunity
  • 17-OH Progesterone – Helps determine adrenal reserve
  • Gluten Antibodies – Helps identify gluten intolerance

Many other male and female sex hormones can be tested in the saliva for initial evaluation to balance the hormones in the body. Individualized saliva test panels are prescribed according to the person’s specific gender, age, symptoms and treatment.

 24 Hour Hormone Urine Testing

This comprehensive urine test is considered by many physicians involved in hormone balancing and anti-aging medicine, as the gold standard test to evaluate hormone deficiencies, excess and metabolism. The test can be tailored to check for adrenal hormones only, sex hormones only, or both. The following hormones and metabolites are measured:

Adrenal Hormones:

* Precursor: Pregnenolone
* Glucocorticoid: Cortisol, Cortisone
* Mineralocorticoids: Aldosterone
* Adrenal sex steroid precursors: Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) Etiocholanolone, Androsterone

Sex hormones: DHEA, Estrone, Estradiol, Estriol, Pregnenediol (progesterone metabolite), Testosterone. New concept involves ratio between two estrone metabolites: 2-hydroxyestrone and 16alpha-hydroxyestrone. Decreased 2/16alpha ratio is associated with increased risk for breast and cervical cancer.

Indications for 24 hour urine hormone profile are: Breast lesions, Anorexia nervosa, Hypertension, Emotional stress, Adrenal insufficiency, Idiopathic hirsutism, Carcinoma, Endocrine disorders, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid arthritis, 5-alpha reductase deficiency.

Urine Iodine Testing

Iodine/Iodide is an essential element that is extremely important for normal function of the thyroid gland and the health of breast tissue. Iodine/Iodide intake has decreased significantly over the past thirty years and clinical symptoms have become apparent. Several studies show that 90% of US population is iodine/iodide deficient. This test can shine light into cases such as hypothyroidism (lack of energy, hair loss, weight gain, etc), fibrocystic breast disease or changes.

Comprehensive Stool Analysis with Parasitology

Gastrointestinal (GI) complaints are among the most common reasons that patients seek medical care. Symptoms associated with GI disorders include persistent diarrhea, constipation, bloating, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome and malabsorption. The Comprehensive Stool Analysis with Parasitology x 2, or 3 (CSAP1, 2, 3) may be used to assess digestive and absorptive functions, the presence of opportunistic pathogens and to monitor the efficacy of therapeutic remediation of GI disorders.
Intestinal Permeability

Intestinal Permeability Test

The Intestinal Permeability (urine test) checks the integrity of the intestinal mucus membrane, which is the barrier between your internal organism and the environment. This test is also called the Lactulose/Manitoll test, or leaky gut test. These two different size molecules, after ingested, their presence or absence in urine will clarify absorption issues in the gastro-intestinal tract. Pt with leaky gut syndrome might experience symptoms such as: allergies, food sensitivities, stress and elevated levels of cortisol, micronutrient and vitamin deficiencies.

 Some of the laboratories that we work with:

  • American Metabolic Laboratories
  • Cell Sciences
  • Cyrex
  • Cleveland Heart Lab
  • Diagnostechs
  • Docot’s Data
  • Genova Diagnostics
  • Health Diagnostics
  • IGeneX
  • Immunolabs
  • Immunosciences Lab (ISL)
  • Quest Laboratories
  • RGCC
  • RTL Real Time Laboratories
  • Spectra Cell Laboratories

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