Some say that the surface-level changes that come along with aging, like wrinkles, are signs of wisdom and experience. We say that, while getting older does come with certain benefits, there’s no reason you have to display it on your skin; we say that you’re only as old as you feel.

Dr. Emmanouil Karampahtsis at the Lipogenex Anti-Aging Center believes age is just a number and has dedicated his career to helping you turn back the clock with the help of the industry’s leading antiaging treatments including Renuvion J-Plasma®.

What’s happened to your skin?

You know that the world around you poses a threat to your skin. Just stepping outside your door exposes you to the sun’s harsh rays and pollution. While you can do your best to avoid these aggressors and keep up a consistent skin care routine, there’s one force that’s simply unavoidable.

Because everyone gets older at some point, your skin will inevitably succumb to the gradual effects of age. As the years go by, the proteins in your skin that are responsible for holding its shape and giving it a supple appearance start to wear down. You know these proteins as collagen and elastin, and without them your skin begins to sag, wrinkle, and lose its volume.

Enter Renuvion J-Plasma®.

How can Renuvion J-Plasma save your skin?

This revolutionary antiaging treatment gets to the source of the problem and reboots your body’s ability to naturally produce collagen and rebuild elastin with no long recovery periods, no scars, and no surgery.

The process may remind you of your high school chemistry class.

Dr. Karampahtsis begins by energizing helium gas so that the atoms and molecules separate into negatively and positively charged electrons. The heat energy from the electrons passes over the places on your skin that need treatment and cause your skin to tighten. This involuntary tightening kicks your skin into collagen-production mode.

At the same time, cooling plasma (the energized gas) sloughs off the old, damaged layers of skin, leaving behind fresh, younger-looking skin. This super-charged helium energy can help you get the same or even better results of a facelift without going under the knife and spending days in recovery.

Is Renuvion J-Plasma right for you?

Chances are that it is. This treatment is noninvasive so it comes with very few risks and side effects. You can expect a bit of redness, swelling, and tightness after treatment and may want to take a few days off of your normal routine to make sure you heal properly. You should start to see results within two weeks following your treatment.

In addition to tightening your skin, Renuvion J-Plasma also treats a wide range of skin issues including:

  • Deep wrinkles across your face
  • Lip lines
  • Loose skin
  • Forehead lines
  • Freckles and age spots
  • Scarring
  • Uneven skin tone

Dr. Karampahtsis meets with you to discuss your goals, review your medical history, and determine whether or not this treatment is right for you. Unfortunately the treatment is not suitable for people with naturally dark skin color, but during your consultation Dr karampahtsis will assess and recommend the appropriate treatment if Renuvion is not the right option.

Are you ready to look in the mirror and see a younger you smiling back? Then come see us to get the age-reversing power of Renuvion J-Plasma.

If you have more questions or are ready to get started with a free consultation, call our office or schedule an appointment online today.

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