When we think of aging, the first thought that auto-pops into our heads is “wrinkles.” In reality, however, the freckles, spots, and hyperpigmentation in our skin brought on by sun damage are just as much to blame.

At Lipogenex Anti-Aging Center, Dr. Emmanouil Karampahtsis, NMD, and his team are dedicated to bringing you the most effective and all-natural anti-aging treatments. That’s why we’re proud to offer IPL photofacial treatments. And, we’ve compiled this helpful guide to how a photofacial is great for treating hyperpigmentation on your body too.

The photofacial treatment

During your treatment, we use a device that delivers a single beam of light — rather than a laser — to your skin. The light beam is administered through a handheld device, which we use on the area that you want treated.

The light beams work by targeting and breaking up the concentrations of melanin and hemoglobin in your skin that are responsible for hyperpigmentation and sun damage. By breaking up these concentrations, the treatments then reveal your more evenly toned skin underneath.

Generally patients will need three to five sessions to get smooth, even-toned skin. Treatment time will vary depending on the areas of your face and body that you want to treat. Because treatments are totally noninvasive, you won’t need any anesthesia, or downtime.

Two treatments in one

A cool, accidental side feature of the photofacial treatment is that while it’s targeting your heavy areas of pigmentation, the treatment is also triggering your production of collagen, the protein that keeps your skin looking younger, tighter, and more hydrated. It’s like getting two treatments in one.

Safe for all skin types

A photofacial is safe for all skin types: You can use it no matter your dryness level, sensitivity, or skin tone. However, it is important to note that the treatment does have a better result on lighter skin tones.

This is because the treatment works by targeting the hemoglobin and melanin pigments in your skin that cause red and brown toned discolorations. So the more contrast there is between your skin tone and the discoloration, the better your results will be.

Because it takes time for your skin to heal itself after each session, we space your IPL appointments about four weeks apart, so we can gauge your results and progress, and decide how to move forward from there.

Get gorgeous, even-toned skin and look younger and healthier today! Call us or book an appointment right on our website.

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