Yes, it’s quite ironic when it’s your smile lines that are making you frown. While fine and even deep lines around your mouth are a natural part of aging, they can appear unsightly and add years to your face!

If you’ve been increasingly concerned about the wrinkles on your face, then it might be time to consider Sculptra®. A unique treatment that can provide you with the youthful skin that you’ve always dreamed of, Sculptra is about to become the only injectable filler that you’ll ever need.

At Lipogenex Anti-Aging Center, Dr. Emmanouil Karampahtsis, NMD, and his team are here to provide you with the safest, most convenient, and most effective cosmetic procedures. Learn more about the amazing benefits of Sculptra, and why it could be the perfect solution for you.

How Sculptra injections work

Sculptra is aninjectable filler that’s meant to both add volume to your skin and provide it with anti-aging properties. This works through the main ingredient found in Sculptra, poly-L-lactic acid, a naturally biodegradable substance that your body just naturally absorbs.

Poly-L-lactic acid endows Sculptra with some unique properties. Instead of only filling and plumping, Sculptra actually prompts your skin to produce more collagen. So, rather than just putting a Band-Aid on the problem, Sculptra actually helps your skin to keep itself youthful.

The benefits of Sculptra

Because Sculptra is made by an organic and absorbable substance, you know that what you’re putting in your body is more natural than other options for injectables. It’s also FDA-approved for both adding volume and as an antiaging treatment.

Sculptra is great for targeting smile lines and chin wrinkles because it treats both the deep and shallow wrinkles in your face. It effectively smooths out lines and restores vitality with volume and moisture.

Sculptra is also minimally invasive. It doesn’t require any incisions, anesthesia, or recovery time, like surgical procedures, and it still provides stunning results. Your Sculptra appointment is quick. And, we use a fine needle and numb the area, so you don’t feel more than a small pinch.

The results are long-lasting too. They last for two years or longer, which is on the longer end for injectables. The volumizing effects are instant, and the anti-aging properties generally show up fully after a period of 4-6 months.

Feel younger, more confident, and more rejuvenated today and call us or book an appointment right on our website today.

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